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1: Decide if it's right for you

Is C:TM right for you? C:TM is designed for Christian leaders—in any context—with or without formal theological education. Whether you are looking to immediately apply this to your church or want to enrich the theological connections between your personal and professional lives—C:TM is designed for you. We don't recommend C:TMONLINE for those who have received an M.Div. in the last 5 years.


2: Choose your cohort

There are currently three cohorts offered in a year: Spring, Summer*, and Fall. All cohorts become part of a growing international community of online alumni.

*Please note that the Summer cohort does not include the Live Experience.


3: Students are accepted in 2-3 weeks

Our application process is straightforward and no transcripts are currently required. Once you apply, you will find out if you've been accepted to the program within three weeks.