Course of study

The C:TM 14-week course of study is designed to develop deeper critical engagement with Christian theology and foster rich and imaginative applications to your lives and context. You begin by re-examining the Old and New Testament and discussing with your peers and professors its implications for modern life. The first two courses are followed by a midterm. You will then apply those biblical insights to theological underpinnings of the Christian faith and their implications for pluricentric contemporary world Christianity.


Old Testament for Faith and Life

Dr. Dennis Olsen // 3 weeks

Together with students from around the world, we'll travel through Old Testament stories of suffering and revenge, listen to modern researchers and theologians, and discuss together—all in hopes of reshaping the way we view the Old Testament in modern life.

New Testament

Dr. Eric Barreto // 3 weeks

In this course we'll map out a journey through the gospel of Luke, carefully noting how Luke's unique story of the Jesus, who heals and saves, transforms how we see the world differently and act in it.




Dr. Ellen Charry // 3 weeks

Theology is sustained reflection on God and the things of God. This course aims to help people know, love, and enjoy God better that they and the societies to which they contribute may flourish thereby.

World Christianity

Dr. Raimundo Barreto // 3 weeks

This course introduces students to the development of a pluricentric contemporary world Christianity, highlighting the perspectives and contributions offered by Christians from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and their diasporas. It includes key historic, demographic, cultural, and theological themes, which have contributed to shape Christianity in these different regions.


Required Texts

About the Bible: Short Answers to Big Questions 
Revised and Expanded Edition, Terence Fretheim (Augsburg Books 2009)

Classical Christian Doctrine: Introducing the Essentials of the Ancient Faith
Ronald E. Heine (Baker Academic 2013)

The Christian Theology Reader, 4th ed.
Alister E. McGrath (Wiley-Blackwell 2011)

Christianity as a World Religion: An Introduction, 2nd ed. 
Sebastian Kim & Kirsteen Kim, (2016)

Introducing World Christianity
Charles E. Farhadian, ed. (West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012)