C:TM Stories

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"The Princeton approach to teaching the bible is not only unique, but also interactive. It forces one to apply the principles of scripture to today's current issues. When we do this, it broadens our intellectual acuity, crystallize and isolate the significant difference, and help us to conclude our decision on the best coherent positions. Essentially it becomes a living world of God ." 

Robert kossak

"I do have to admit sometimes I feel a bit intimidated by the wealth of knowledge and experience of some of my cohorts. The upside is that because of the sharing experience, the intimidation changes to gratitude as I realize that I can learn even ore through the diversity and knowledge being shared." 
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Stephanie Thomas

"C:TM is my first foray into theological studies in an academic environment. On a high level, I have learned about 1) how the Bible we read today come into being and 2) to ask myself what type of literature am I reading? I was not conscious before and I didn't realize how it had influenced my interpretation and interaction with the scripture."