Lean-forward thinking.

To replicate the classroom experience, we have removed as many passive elements as possible. Online learning at Princeton Theological Seminary is not about consumption or clicking boxes. It’s about a commitment to critical, active engagement of those scholars and theologians who have come before us and with those around us.  Over the course of 14 weeks, you will be immersed with a community of learners in an online environment that will move you through videos, readings, reflections, interactions, and live lectures. You may be wearing your pajamas while taking C:TM, but you won’t be leaning back . . . welcome to lean forward.




Because C:TM is an extension of the Princeton Seminary campus experience, we take online learning community seriously. Our hope is that you not only learn to think and see theologically, but you also learn how to express and interact with others theologically. For this reason, C:TM is not a place to pontificate or condemn, but to explore what it means to ennoble dialogue in an age of violent rhetoric. Throughout your course of study, you will not only be asked to reflect but share, discuss, and engage with your cohort. Together, you will explore the mysteries of the faith, the challenges of our present age, and write a new chapter in the story of Princeton Theological Seminary.




Learning to see differently is the first step to changing the world around you. In the end, C:TM is more than just another online learning credential. Transformation, engagement, and activation are the building blocks we've used to create a learning experience unlike any other. C:TM is born from, modeled on, and made of the same scholarly engagement and community oriented learning that has driven Princeton Theological Seminary's commitment to Christian leadership since 1812.